HB Wavecresters of ABWA
Huntington Beach, CA 92646

Board Assistant:  Elyse Anderson

Audit Committee: Melissa Watanabe & Kelly Goodman

Fundraising Committee Co-Chairs: Lori Curtin & Shelby Mirrotto

Historian: Gayle Exton

Program Coordinator: Georgette Sleeth

ABWA Council of So CA representative: Heather Pich

Publicity: Melissa Watanabe

Raffle Coordinator:  Elyse Anderson & Eileen Rodriguez

Scholarship Committee Chairperson:  Michelle Gorden

Sunshine Sister: Paige Lizardo

The HB WaveCresters of ABWA is a 501(c)6 non-profit Women's business league devoted to the concept of "Networking with a Cause."  It takes a team to put together the events and fundraising activities that we do throughout the year.  We appreciate all of the help we have from our members and would like to acknowledge them for their time and efforts.